Monday, August 31, 2015

Back to Hood River

I know it looked like I was done posting vacation pictures, but I have more!  This is the penultimate post, so I'm almost done.

After our beach stay and before heading back to Hood River to spend our last few days with Ian, the girls, and Jon and Roberta, we drove up to Astoria to have lunch with Jason's Uncle Lee.

He lives on a lake and had some water lilies blooming by his dock.

We visited the Astoria beach.  You can park your car right on it!  Clara is running after Grace and Grandpa, who are way ahead.

I didn't get any pictures of Uncle Lee, but we had a nice visit.

Back at Ian's house, Remy the dog demonstrates patience!

Goofy girls enjoying some dinner.

Cousin bonding.

Grandpa bonding!

More cousin bonding!

Ice cream!

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