Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fireplace Challenge Part 1

Jason is making progress with the fireplace!  I requested that it be completed by the time our holiday guests arrive, and he is rising to the challenge!    

We had all the materials needed for this project left over from previous projects (excluding the tile), but the axiom is still true:  every project requires the purchase of a new tool.  This time we bought a sledgehammer!   To install the hearth tile, we first had to remove inches of cement mortar.  Jason and I hammered it out with a crowbar and sledgehammer last Friday.  I had forgotten how much I love construction dust.  
Next, Jason created a level surface on which to lay the tile backer board.  As you know, he is very particular, so this had to be exactly level and triple fortified.  He used plywood and 2x4 pieces from our previous demolition.  
Tile installation!  Jason says it was MUCH easier than the backsplash tile that took him days to complete.  
And the finished product!  We chose a slate and glass tile mosaic.  
The glass pieces are brown and reflect light from the fire when it is turned on.  
We are so pleased with the result!  The fireplace is looking so much better, but now we need a new mantle.  We have some ideas from Marianne's boyfriend Michael, who happens to be a very talented carpenter.  Stay tuned for news about that; the challenge deadline will be here soon!  Doesn't my living room look warm and cozy?  My mom made a third stocking for Grace and all three are truly works of art.    Love!
What do you think of our new living room set up?  This is the only way we could figure it out with a Christmas tree involved.  We aren't sure if we prefer it but it is kind of fun to have it be different.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful for Babies

Grace waves hello to you from Marianne's lap! 
We had a lovely Thanksgiving with Jason's mom, Marianne.  Grace seemed to really enjoy smiling at her Grandma and we think they bonded!
Jason set up Grace's high chair so she could join us at the table!  
She didn't stay there for long though!  She was watching the food go from Jason's plate to his mouth intently, and even had her mouth open as the fork went over her head.  I think she is getting ready to try some solid foods!
Marianne and Jason made the pumpkin pie together and it turned out great!  The three of us ate more than half of it in one sitting alone!  
A family photo!
This is Grace's first time in shoes!  
Marianne really wanted to put Grace in this christening outfit.  She put up with it very well - for a short time!
Here Grace is reaching the end of her patience.  She looks cute though!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  We love you!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Riding the Sleep Train

It's been quite a week for us!  Actually, it has been a really busy couple weeks, and it isn't even over yet.  This weekend I have two gigs on Sunday, and non stop teaching Saturday.  I'm in need of some cute baby pictures, how about you? 
I love this outfit from her Aunt Sam.  
We just started putting her in this toy, and she seems to enjoy it!  She is supposed to be able to touch and spin around to all the different toys, but right now she can only touch if she uses her tiptoes, which doesn't give her enough leverage to spin herself around.  That is okay because she is entertained for half an hour by that bird toy alone.  
Who doesn't love a sleeping baby?  Mr. Frog is draped around her neck, just where she left him.  
Daddy LOVES taking naps with Grace on the couch, but since we started sleep training this week, it is not advised to have more than one sleeping location.  So unless he crawls in the crib with her, naps with the baby are on hiatus.  Jason is bummed but I'm sure there will be more nap opportunities once she gets a little older.  Sleep training is going pretty well, by the way.  Sometimes she has a fit or two of screaming, but for the most part she goes down to sleep without a peep! 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Lauritzen Gardens, 4 Months Old

Our friend Maria invited me out for a walk around Lauritzen Gardens!  I think it was really just a ploy for her to see Miss Grace.  Grace loved walking around in the Bjorn with me and we had a great time.  I had never been to the gardens before and I look forward to visiting again in the spring when more is blooming.  It was still beautiful with fall leaves and grasses, however.  Grace was the star of the day, getting oohs and ahhs from everyone we passed.  People kept calling her a bunny in this jacket, but really I think it is supposed to be bear ears on the hood because there is a bear embroidered on the chest.  Silly old ladies!  
Grace fell asleep not long into our walk.  You can tell she is a bit sleepy in this picture.  Wouldn't you like to be able to fall asleep in any situation?  She is four months old today!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


A whole bunch of baby giggles coming your way!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Grace's First Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! 
We stayed at home intending to hand out candy and show off Grace to the trick or treaters, but no one came to our door!  NOT ONE!  Now we have a bucket full of candy that we really should not eat.  
Jason and Avery joined us though, so Grace's cuteness was not wasted.  Not that it ever is!  
Avery was adorable in her Baby's First Halloween onesie!  They have a onesie for everything these days.  She and daddy Jason had fun playing around with us while we waited for the non existent trick or treaters.  This Halloween was different than the usual rowdy parties we normally attend for the holiday, but even though those days are over, I'm not sad at all and I'm ready for the wonderful times ahead!