Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful for Babies

Grace waves hello to you from Marianne's lap! 
We had a lovely Thanksgiving with Jason's mom, Marianne.  Grace seemed to really enjoy smiling at her Grandma and we think they bonded!
Jason set up Grace's high chair so she could join us at the table!  
She didn't stay there for long though!  She was watching the food go from Jason's plate to his mouth intently, and even had her mouth open as the fork went over her head.  I think she is getting ready to try some solid foods!
Marianne and Jason made the pumpkin pie together and it turned out great!  The three of us ate more than half of it in one sitting alone!  
A family photo!
This is Grace's first time in shoes!  
Marianne really wanted to put Grace in this christening outfit.  She put up with it very well - for a short time!
Here Grace is reaching the end of her patience.  She looks cute though!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  We love you!


  1. What a beautiful christening gown! Grace looks like a cherub...

  2. She does look adorable, especially with that tiny bonnet! Sorry we missed Marianne. I hope you had a delightful visit!