Friday, November 18, 2011

Riding the Sleep Train

It's been quite a week for us!  Actually, it has been a really busy couple weeks, and it isn't even over yet.  This weekend I have two gigs on Sunday, and non stop teaching Saturday.  I'm in need of some cute baby pictures, how about you? 
I love this outfit from her Aunt Sam.  
We just started putting her in this toy, and she seems to enjoy it!  She is supposed to be able to touch and spin around to all the different toys, but right now she can only touch if she uses her tiptoes, which doesn't give her enough leverage to spin herself around.  That is okay because she is entertained for half an hour by that bird toy alone.  
Who doesn't love a sleeping baby?  Mr. Frog is draped around her neck, just where she left him.  
Daddy LOVES taking naps with Grace on the couch, but since we started sleep training this week, it is not advised to have more than one sleeping location.  So unless he crawls in the crib with her, naps with the baby are on hiatus.  Jason is bummed but I'm sure there will be more nap opportunities once she gets a little older.  Sleep training is going pretty well, by the way.  Sometimes she has a fit or two of screaming, but for the most part she goes down to sleep without a peep!