Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Portland Transportation

You all might have thought I was done posting about our vacation, but no, there's more!!  There's much, much more... (because I'm obsessed with taking pictures)

While at Grandma M's, we tried out the Portland aerial tram!

It was the first time for all of us, even though it opened in 2006. 

Yes, it took vehicle loving children to motivate us to try this thing!

We are glad we tried it!  It was a lovely view!

This is the best I could do for a family shot.

The tram takes you from the waterfront district up to OHSU campus.  It was mostly filled with doctors commuting, but the operator was super nice and gave the girls stickers.  Once we got to the top, there is a large balcony and a small little garden and sculpture area.  I loved this bird water fountain!

It is a short trip

but it made our girl pretty happy!

On the same outing, Grace and I rode the MAX for a couple stops.  

It was a great day of transportation!


  1. If only I could get Grand Dudes on that thing!

    1. Maybe nite that we don't live in Portland anymore we can go as tourists! I would have liked to ride the train with Grace...she's train crazy :-)

    2. something tells me that everyone would enjoy it a second time :)