Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Kaneko Play Exhibit

We spent our 8 year anniversary taking the girls places, haha!  First, we went to the new play structure and splash pad in Benson by Grace's preschool.  I didn't get any pictures though because I was chasing them around the whole time!  

In the afternoon, we went to a free exhibit at KANEKO.  It is sort of a museum created by the local artist Jun Kaneko, but I'd better describe it using this quote from their website: an open space for open minds that nurtures and promotes creativity."  

Right now, they have an interactive exhibit designed to showcase the importance of play in learning.  A novel concept! 

They had many things for all ages.  There were several tables with different kinds of building toys to check out.  Yep, Clara built that.  (nope)

This is a giant maze that obviously Clara couldn't really do as intended, but she loved looking at the ball and spinning it around.

This triangle mirror was really neat, and they also had a tent structure made out of gymnastic floor type material.  The girls especially loved getting crazy in that!

Did you all know that Clara is a ham?  

Well, she is!  This is a new concept for me.  I'm used to children sabotaging photo opportunities, not posing for them!

Two different kids, I love them both so!


  1. Looks like you had the place to yourself. Great way to spend your anniversary!

  2. Happy anniversary to you both! (Another niece of ours, Whitney, and Caitlin's good friend, Alexis, also have anniversaries on August 11th. A great day to tie the knot, apparently!)

  3. I think year eight is still paper. I'll take fun over paper any year!