Saturday, August 15, 2015

Grace's 4th Birthday

Grace is now four years old! 

We celebrated first with Grandma M and Papa.

Grandma M was prepared with cupcakes for us all.

Grace was thrilled!

Clara was also thrilled!  Clara LOVES cake.  Sometimes out of the blue she'll ask hopefully, "are we having a party?"  Then she'll say soon after, "I want to eat cake!"

Grace enjoys her weaving loom from Grandma and Papa.  We had a great visit with Grandma M and Papa!  We had lots of wonderful food and enjoyed some special outings.

After that, we got in the car AGAIN and drove BACK to the beach!  Sugar crash!!

Grace got to open more presents at the beach.

We'll all take hugs from Grace any way that we can!

She begged for us to let her paint this birdhouse from the second she opened it.  We made her wait a day.  She also refuses to let us put it outside for actual birds.  It is apparently a house for trains, and they live there already.  Or was it dragons?

Grandudes made some delicious oysters on the BBQ and Grammy made mashed potatoes.  It was like it was MY birthday!

Chocolate and caramel cake - are we sure it wasn't my birthday?

Nope, this girl got the glory!


  1. Grace had a long birthday celebration......the best kind!

  2. Wow, Grace I'd like......7 now!

  3. Definitely a birthday Grace will remember forever!