Thursday, August 13, 2015

Reunited with Karen!

We were so lucky to get to spend one night with my very good friend Karen and her family!

The kids had a blast making Papa Murphys pizzas.  

Roslyn is such a cutie and so sweet.  They all got along great and we wish we could have playdates more often!

We walked to a splash pad nearby their place.  See the girls thoughtfully filling their buckets, not smashing their faces in the water like a young man we know well!

Clara blew some steam, but Karen's son Ethan preferred to mostly hang out with his Mama.

Karen has done this before I think.  She came prepared with beverages of the adult kind.

ice cream!

Balloons!  What could make this evening any better?

Cupcakes, of course!  Karen knew Grace's birthday was the next day and we celebrated early!  For some reason, Grace covers her ears when people sing happy birthday.  I have no idea why.

The evening topped off with martinis and a game of Settlers of Catan.  I'm missing my high school buddy but we made due with the time we had!


  1. So wonderful that you two high school chums keep in touch!

  2. Looks like Roslyn liked Grace's idea of covering the ears during singing! :)