Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 199

Jason and I have finished installing, wood filling and sanding all the baseboards!  Now we have to paint them.  Painting is the only thing left to do before we can have the floor guys come back and finish the floors!  We're trying to keep working, even though we have lots of things going on right now.  

Today, we put up some new light fixtures.  We installed this one in the hallway.  Isn't it nice? 
 Just kidding, this is what was there when we moved in.  I had this exact same light fixture in my bedroom growing up.  We took it down and installed this instead: 
This light was also here when we moved in, except it was in the dining room.  We plan to put a chandelier in the dining room, so we decided we could reuse it in the hallway.  It is one of the only light fixtures in the entire upstairs that is staying.  

  This is the other one.  We like to have a ceiling fan in the bedroom for those hot summer nights, and you can't tell in the picture but this one has glass shades with little bumps all over them.  I think it looks like vintage depression glass.  I know it isn't, but I like to pretend it is.  
We decided that we don't need a ceiling fan in the second bedroom, however.  This one is particularly ugly and wobbled when the fan was on.  
This is much better!  We think it makes the room look a lot bigger. 


  1. Rebecca, such a comedienne. ;-) It's amazing what a light fixture can do for a room. I didn't waste any time replacing the light fixtures in the kitchen, dining room, entry and hallway upstairs. We still need to do Claire's room and the other bedrooms, and the bathrooms ...all in good time, though. Nice work!

  2. Beautiful paint in the second bedroom! You know I'm a lover of all things green. I'm eager to inspect your lights close up. :)

  3. For a second I really thought you picked the exact same light fixtures as our rooms growing up. I actually thought "awww..." and then "uuuugh..." and then "oh good!" heehee.