Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 178

We are settling into our kitchen!
  I purchased these bar stools with some birthday money from Jon and Roberta.  Thanks you two!  I love sitting at our bar and watching Jason make marvelous food for me!
Jason made homemade pasta, thanks to Tracy and Frank's gift of a pasta maker and drying rack! 
We need to install the baseboards.  Here is a piece next to the wall so we can see what it will look like.  Today Jason painted them and we'll install them sometime this week. 
I'm almost done making these curtains!  I need to hem the panel on the left, but otherwise they are complete!  I'm very pleased with them. 


  1. Rebecca, do you have grommets in your curtains? Is that dupioni silk? They look lovely. I also really like the color. I think Sarah wants to ask you if you can make a pillow cover for some throw pillows she has. I told her you sew!

  2. Pillow covers are cake, no problem! Actually, so are curtains. They ARE dupioni silk! I saw some like it in the pottery barn catalog but they didn't come wide enough for my window. I splurged on the fabric at Jo Ann's but I think it was worth it. The grommets were so easy. I bought grommet tape online and you just sew it on, cut out the holes and snap the grommets together!

  3. It all looks so nice! I can't wait to see it in person.

  4. It looks so homy in there! Nearly done...

  5. I may have to hire you to make some curtains for me! I bought new bedding for our bedroom from Pottery Barn. I will have to show you next time you come over. I shared with Sarah your comment on pillow covers - she may be calling you!