Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 179

Jason worked on the baseboards today.

He didn't get very far because he immediately broke the blade on his coping saw.  We also don't like the quarter round we chose.  We want to return it and get something a little smaller because this quarter round sticks out from the wall a little too much. He doesn't mind though because Lowe's is his home away from home! I'd say everyone knows his name there, except I'd be hard pressed to actually find a salesperson when we go there.  I think they all hide when they see us coming. 

So instead of doing that tonight, I helped Jason put these door panels on the island.  It's a lovely touch of class for people to kick their feet against! 


  1. You missed out on a tasty treat, but we understand why. Your kitchen looks marvelous!

  2. Look at all that beautiful rich brown!