Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 188

So Jason has been working on baseboards, which isn't all that exciting to see in a photo.  But I have some other things of interest to post about tonight! 

I picked out and purchased these drawer pulls on Ebay.  Jason and I compromised on these.  I wanted something old world looking, so I wanted this birdcage style in an antique bronze color.  Jason wanted something modern looking, like a plain bar in nickel plate.  I think they are perfect now that I see them on the drawers!  Since the drawers have soft close and are held in place with magnets, we really needed pulls because they were not easy to open without them. 

I finally purchased this rug!  It is from, and I've had the page bookmarked for months.  I kept checking the page every once in awhile to gaze at it longingly, and I noticed that it went on sale last weekend.  I still wasn't sure if now was the time to buy, since we are already paying off some other things this month. counts down when it gets close to selling out, and I just couldn't let it get away!  I bought it when there were only three left.  I got it for $280!  Not bad I think, considering it is hand knotted.  Not that I know what that is, but it sounds cool.  Don't you think it will tie the room together?  Online it looked a little bit more blue than it does in person, but I think understated blue will be nice and not overpowering.  If you remember, our couches are a rust red color, and it has a lot of that color in the design.   

And this lovely contraption is a tv antenna that Jason built today!  At first, it kind of reminded me of one of those macaroni necklaces kids give their moms for Christmas, those ones you can't wear in public but you can't throw away.  But we weren't getting very good reception downstairs, and this does work a lot better!  If any of you want a giant metal tree behind your television, I'll send Jason right over and he'll be overjoyed to help you make one. 


  1. Fun! I am so enjoying watching your home come together. Each post is new and exciting!

  2. Overjoyed, yes I'm sure! ;)

    LOVE the new rug!