Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 192

Still working on baseboards.  I have been helping by doing some wood filling and hammering in stray nails. 
Scott is awesome and has come over every day to help Jason fill in these holes.  If you remember, these holes were created because I thought I wanted three island pendants.  Then we realized that we couldn't center 3 pendants over the island due to the beams in the ceiling.  I think two is plenty now that it is in, but we had three holes to patch in the ceiling because of it.  Scott is some kind of zen master drywall patcher.  He did a fantastic job and we are grateful!  Look how dirty he is.  That's friendship! 
My friend and student Peggy told me today that these flowers are called Surprise Lilies, or Naked Ladies.
  Here is what they are supposed to look like!  It is fun finding out what kind of plants we have at our house, since we bought the house at the end of September. 
I planted these tulips in the late fall.  The purple at the top I hope is a peony bush.  Spring, finally!!!

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  1. The kitchen ceiling! I love that warm yellow. Nice choice!