Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 182

Jason has been installing casing around the doorways into the living room.  

When we bought the house, this doorway had some cheap molding around it, but it didn't have casing.  Jason bought some lumber that would be long enough to put in as casing without creating a seam.  It obviously looks a little strange as natural unfinished wood, but you can see that it is going to look fantastic when we paint it white!  (I cringe inside at the thought of holding a paintbrush again.  I think Jason does too.  It's a necessary evil!)

This doorway didn't have any molding at all when we moved in.  I think it looks much better now!  Projects like molding are really fun because it isn't that hard and it really improves the look of things!  I get more and more excited as I see our beautiful house emerge!  The pink of the past is a distant memory, thank goodness. 

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  1. Looking good, Rebecca! It's been fun watching this process.