Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 168

We can walk upstairs today!
Doesn't it look beautiful?  It is starting to look like a house again!  The floor guys still need to come back and do the last coat after we get the baseboards installed. 
And our new appliances were delivered today!  Doesn't the fridge look magnificent?  I can't wait to load it full of vegetables!
Here is the new stove.  It is not fully in place since we need to install the baseboards around it, but it is hooked up and usable.  We christened it tonight with a Papa Murphy's pizza.  Oh, how I've missed you, Papa!  We used the top oven and it baked it amazingly well!  Much better than our rental stove.  Which, now that I think about it, shouldn't be that amazing to me.  We saw the bill when our stove and fridge were delivered at our rental, and our landlord spent $800 on both as we recall.
And the new dishwasher!  We had a dishwasher with the house when we moved in, but who wants a dishwasher that doesn't match?  Having a dishwasher is a totally new experience for us.  Well, that is only half true.  We had a little counter dishwasher at our rental that drastically changed our lives.  We were so excited about that that I got out the tripod and made Jason take a picture with me in front of it.  (I tried to find that picture to post but failed.  sorry!)  Can you imagine Jason's excitement tonight?  I'm exhausted and half asleep and Jason is running up and down the stairs, looking for dirty dishes to wash in the dishwasher!  I hope this excitement lasts!    


  1. Wowzer! It is coming together superbly. Very, very impressed with the brilliant job you and Jason are doing on the house. The offer still stands to come to our house when you are finished. Carl told me he changed a watch battery the other day. I told him he was handy afterall, now could he please get the bathroom vanities ripped out??!! So excited for you and Jason!!

  2. Your appliances are gorgeous, as is the floor! I WANT YOUR DOUBLE OVEN. BADLY.

  3. Jen, you keep working on Carl, that's what it takes! Keep wearing him down, baby steps. And Gini, you definitely need this oven, not want! I can just imagine all the amazing things you bake doing double time!

  4. wow-you are my fanciest friends. Congrats on the almost totally ready to go kitchen! Looks awesome. Nice floors, too.

  5. Um...what are you guys doing with your old little counter dish washer? Because um...people in New York have dishes too!