Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 162

We are getting our floors done!  That means things are getting close! 
These are some possible stain colors.  The far right is just natural with no stain.  We are leaning toward the last two choices, mostly the lightest stain which is the third one over.  Next week we are not going to be able to walk upstairs at all and we'll have to walk around to the back of the house to avoid walking on the landing to the downstairs.  We're hoping we'll be able to stand all the fumes from floor finishing, but we'll see.  If it's bad, can we bum a stay in the Magnuson's guest room? ;)  On the bright side, we will be getting our appliances and we'll be able to put furniture up there by the first week in March!    Hurray! 
Check out this crazy icicle hanging on the Christmas lights cord! 


  1. That's wonderful, Rebecca! How excited you must be. Looking forward to the big reveal!

  2. Our guest room and main bath are all yours if you want them!

    I almost walked right into that icicle last night.

  3. Thanks Gini! Sorry I didn't warn you about the icicle. I'm glad you didn't walk into it, not only for your own safety but because I'm growing quite fond of it :)