Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 143

Jason has been painting trim like crazy!  It doesn't make for a very exciting picture though, because he is painting trim that was white to begin with.  Now it looks all clean and shiny!  You really need to see that in person to appreciate.  So instead of a picture of that, I thought I'd show you the first installment of my "Birds on a Wire" triptique. 
I know, I actually found spare time to do this!  I think we are always hardest on ourselves, so I'm going to refrain from judgment.  I used Jason's joint compound to create the texture!  He bought a big bucket of it so I don't think he will miss it. 


  1. That is even cooler than I was picturing! This is going to look so gorgeous in your living room! I love the frame you've created around the birds. And the texture looks so lush, I can't wait to get my paws on it. :)

  2. Thanks Gini! I'm not sure I'm going to deem it worthy of living room status just yet, but we'll see how the other two come out and if there is a nice place for them. I will hang them at least in the bedroom!