Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 146

Jason installed our island pendants!

Here, Jason is finding the studs in the ceiling.  We originally decided on 3 pendants, but we realized after the pendant holes were already there that we wanted the island in a slightly different spot.  Now with the island position, there is no way to make 3 pendants centered due to the position of the ceiling joists.  We think 2 pendants will give off plenty of light anyway. 
Here they are installed!  I think they look  great.  We do have a problem though.  The ceiling isn't level, which we knew, but the pendants aren't level with each other!  Is there any way to fix this?  I don't think it is that noticeable but Jason says it will drive him crazy every time he looks at them. 
Jason is going to use these drywall circles to fill in the old holes.  He gets to play with joint compound again!  Woopee! 
Here is the most exciting picture of the post:  the granite!  This is a sample of the color we picked out.  It is a Brazilian granite called giallo ornamental, and we received a great deal from the dad of one of my students.  He says I can't give you his name because apparently it is a super secret, crazy good deal.  I think it is pronounced with a y sound for the double l's but everyone was calling it "Gee-al-o."  Gringos!  They are going to measure for a template in the next couple days, and then it will take a couple weeks for them to fabricate it. 


  1. Wowzers! Everything's coming together so gorgeously! FABULOUS granite!

  2. Rebecca, two words: LOVE IT!!!! Y'all are doing a tremendous job with house. I so look forward to your open house!

  3. Gosh! All that hard work is really paying off. The kitchen looks fabulous. LOVE YOU BOTH!