Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 206

Hello all, we hope you all had a very happy Easter!  We've been plodding away at the baseboard painting. 
This is a painted stretch.  I like how it is a little shiny, and I think the bright white offsets the floors nicely.  
I love how this looks!  Jason's doorway casings look like they are original to the house now that they are painted. We still have at least half of the trim in the upstairs left to paint, but we have made a pretty good dent in it I think.  
This lovely picture is our hall closet.  We weren't going to worry about painting it because it is a closet and no one looks in those (unless you like to snoop!).  However, I'm sure you agree with me that now next to everything all painted and new looking, this closet looks like, well you know.
Ahh, much better!  I only primed it, but I think it is good enough.  The green trim remnant from the 50's is not staying.  That avocado trim has definitely been there a long time, if not the 50's, then at the latest the 70's in my estimation.  I wonder what orange and brown flowered print linens graced these shelves.  I found some q-tips behind the shelves when I took them out, but something tells me those are newer.  
 This is the new dining room chandelier!  I think it looks very elegant.  I ordered the ceiling medallion online and I am very pleased with it.  It isn't quite flush with the ceiling because again, our ceiling is charmingly lumpy.  We haven't decided what we will do about that.  We've discussed using a brad nail gun, caulking or both.  We're both a little nervous about the nail gun because we don't want to break the medallion, but I think it will probably be okay.  
This picture is just for show.


  1. I want you to come to my house next!

  2. Whoa! Great chandelier, and I didn't even know ceiling medallions existed! It all looks fantastic!

  3. LOVE this transformation... I keep clicking month in awe! :)