Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 219

Spring is my favorite time of year, and even though it comes later here in Omaha than what I was used to in Oregon, I'll take what I can get!
 Jason cleaned up the backyard a bit.  It was a jungle when we moved in because the house had been vacant for months, and the previous owner couldn't have cared less.  The house almost went into foreclosure and apparently he was pretty angry at the bank and at the world.  But regardless, we didn't really know what we had in terms of plants, and it has been really fun seeing what is coming up!  We have two lovely flowering trees in the backyard, pink of course.  The scotch broom is really pretty, and there is some purple weeds in the grass which I kind of like but we should probably get rid of.  Too bad we know nothing about landscaping.  I think it has potential though!  When you are standing in the backyard, it feels really private because we have lots of bushes in between our yard and the neighbors' yards.  that bit of randomness toward the bottom of the picture is going to become a little vegetable garden.  Jason has always wanted one of those and he is very excited to get started on it. 
Surprise, that wasn't a peony bush, it is a bleeding heart bush!  And to think I was worried about the naked ladies (the green stuff in front) covering up the tulips I planted, because the bush has eaten half of the tulips already!  Has anyone ever seen one get this big?  I even cut some of the branches off for a bouquet before I took this picture.  Apparently it likes to be completely ignored, which is PERFECT for me!  And of course it is pink as well!  Someone who used to live here loved pink.  The walls were pink, the carpet was pink, the bathroom is still pink with purple trim, and the kitchen was peach.  Not pink, but pretty close.  So it make perfect sense that the plants would also be pink.  I have no problem with pink plants; however, the rest of the pink is slowly but surely being eradicated.  Really!  I know it may not look like it, but we are really close... I know I know, I've been saying that a lot, but it's true!  You'll see next week.


  1. Lovely pics, Rebecca. We have a tree with some beautiful blooms. Aside from that, our yard needs some work, too. I am not a Green Thumb at all. Just ask Carl - every plant I have ever had has died. :(

  2. Nice bokeh in that last picture there. We haven't been to your house in forever and suddenly all the plants have filled in so nicely!

    NEXT WEEK. W00t.

  3. wow, I learned a new word! Thanks gini!