Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 229

Now that it is sunny again, here are some pictures of the yard with the mulch.

You can see that a deck will look nice someday! 
And this is what is behind the shed, where no one can appreciate it. I counted at least 5 peony bushes about to bloom.  To the right of this picture is the alley access to the backyard.  I'm sure this will come in handy someday but I'm not sure for what.  There isn't room to park a car back there without blocking the alley for others.  Now isn't a good time to transplant these peonies, but next spring I plan to move them somewhere where I will be able to look at them!  In the meantime, I'll just have to cut bouquets for inside the house.  Which is actually a good excuse for cutting them anyway! 
We have columbines!  Pretty! 


  1. Very pretty, Rebecca. I need to find out what kind of camera you have. I want to "upgrade" ours.

  2. Your backyard looks so nice now! You guys really whipped it into shape.

    CONGRATS on being able to move in this weekend, finally!!