Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 234

I think this is it!  This is the moment Jason and I have been waiting for for 7 months!  
We have furniture in our house!  This is the view of our living room when you enter the house.  We've just begun to unpack, so I'm not sure where I'm going to put all my knicknacks!
Jason is a really big fan of the couches facing each other setup.  I was opposed at first, but I think I really like it now! 
Of course, the first things I unpacked were hutch items!  I am BEYOND elated to have my things back!  I even cut some peonies from the backyard for the centerpiece!  I feel that my life is complete again :)  I have to say that this could not have happened without the help of our marvelous friends.  You guys are the best and we are indebted once again!  Eric and Jon have been working out for the past 4 months or so at a local gym, and they kept saying this is what they've been training for.  I guess they knew we'd be calling on them once again!  Good thing, because the hutch is SUPER heavy!  Thank you, THANK YOU! 
The shop vac kind of ruins this picture, but you can see how the space is nice and open for entertaining YOU!  When are you coming over?    The dearth of entertaining has left a huge hole in our hearts.  We can't wait to have you come over and admire appropriately!  
We also reorganized downstairs.  We have so much space down here without all these boxes sitting around!  Unfortunately, more space means more visibly stained carpet.  We hope that having it professionally cleaned will help, but we're not holding our breath.  I know I said we were going to paint the knotty pine, but it is really growing on us now.  I never thought I would say this but I actually LIKE the pine! 
I even cleaned the upstairs bathroom, which is still pink, unfortunately.  But not for long!  (My fingers are crossed!)  This is a terrible picture, I know.  I'm too lazy to take another one right now.
Jason enjoys the new office and new office chair.  It is disorganized, which makes us feel right at home.  


  1. HURRAY! It looks so beautiful!

  2. Congratulations! I think situating the sofas across from each other allows for easy conversation. It all looks marvelous! We look forward to being able to see it!


  3. It looks so nice! I'm so excited for you guys!