Thursday, May 20, 2010

We're accepting reservations!

We finally have a proper guest room!  
We haven't fixed the gigantic holes in the drywall yet, but hey, we have an actual bed with clean sheets and night stands even!  Jason describes the bed as comfortable enough for our treasured guests, but not so comfortable that they'll be moving in.  We're excited to have our first guest this weekend, Pablo, our good friend from NYC.  I think this room is about as big as his studio apartment so he'll hopefully feel right at home.  That's even his artwork on the wall that we're enjoying until he has the space for it! 
Jason also put glass in this corner door.  We think it gives the cabinetry some personality!  That's really all the news for right now.  Seriously, we're pooped from all the renovation.  There is still a ton to do, but we're taking a little break!  I can see how easily those wires could be hanging there under the cabinets until we move out, but I doubt Jason would let that happen.  So anyway, we're taking reservations now, book your stay in our abode soon!  We'll try and have the drywall patched before you get here. 


  1. YAY, it all looks so good! Is Pablo coming to the Lost viewing this weekend?

  2. I invited him, but he was not certain. He's behind on the episodes so he'll be very confused. Not that he couldn't enjoy himself anyway!