Friday, May 28, 2010

More Seating

Jason and I decided we needed a lot more seating for our basement since we have the room for it.  I've been watching craigslist for a while, and we finally found some affordable couches that we liked!  
The piano is in the way a bit, so we plan to move it to the other side of the room. 
Now our basement is cozy again, but without walls of boxes closing in on us! It was a bit tricky getting these couches down here.  First, Mike was kind enough once again to lend us the van to pick them up.  Jason and my Dad are similar in their vehicle packing skills, because Jason fit BOTH couches in Mike's van in one trip!  He put one couch upside down like a tetris piece.  Then the really tricky part:  getting them inside.  Our basement is a walkout, but the door is pretty small.  We were able to angle our loveseats in because they were short enough to fit through the door if we flipped them vertically on one arm.  Many were doubtful about the fullsize couch, however, and here is why.  
This is the stairway to our basement.  That door at the top is our sidedoor entry.  Jon helped Jason move these couches, and he was very much in doubt about this.  He also has a basement and recalls his own moving woes.  Jason is never one to give up easily!  He removed the legs from the couch and the railing from the stairway, and the couch slid down with much pushing I'm sure.  Thus, our new sitting area was born!  We look forward to playing wii down there with you all very soon.