Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Aksarben Farmers Market

Our dreams came true:  A farmers market 5 blocks from our house on Sundays!  I almost always work on Saturdays, so I always lamented missing the one downtown.  Now Jason and I can walk there together and pick our tasty things for the week ahead.  It is another reason why we are really digging our new neighborhood!  

This Sunday was the opening day of the new market. 
Witness the rare bike riding and tie dye wearing Omahans.  Apparently they do exist and are attracted to farmers markets like a moth to a flame. 
Gini and Eric met us there and they also picked up some nice things for their future dinners.  Here they are debating whether to get some honey.  Actually, I'm not sure what they are talking about, but it sounds probable.  We ran into people we knew in the farmers market, and we also met some of our new neighbors.  It seemed a little small, but there were a lot of people there, and I'm sure it will grow with each week.  I read online that they plan to include live music in the future.  We had a great time and plan to go as often as we can!
 Finally, rhubarb is in season, and I can make rhubarb cake!  Be sure to stop by and eat some if you are in the area. 
This is such a nice time of the year here in Nebraska.  Our yard is full of peonies and roses.  
I blogged earlier about a mystery plant in our yard.  I still don't know what it is, but it is definitely not asparagus!
It turned into this bush with purple flowers.  Nice!  
We've been battling these climbing weeds in our yard.  They are EVERYWHERE, and they climb all over every other plant.  Jason talked to Brian about it (at the farmers market!) and he said that since the yard was not kept up last year, they are bad for us this year, but if we keep them down this year, it should not be as bad next year.  We'll see! 
Life is good! 


  1. The cake was delish! Would still LOVE to have the recipe.;-)

  2. Hmm, I may have to stop by and help dispose of that cake!