Monday, June 21, 2010

A Spring Love Song to Nebraska

We moved to Nebraska somewhat reluctantly.  We were excited for an adventure and Jason's new job opportunity, don't get me wrong, but we were both less than thrilled with the idea of Nebraska.  Jason didn't really mind until we got a map out and he realized that it is in the VERY MIDDLE.  Don't say his Canadian education failed him:  Can YOU identify the exact locations and names of all the Provinces?  After we arrived here we realized that yes, there are some remarkable friends to be had here, and that conversely all the midwestern stereotypes exist for a reason, but that isn't all that Nebraska is about.  
Nebraska has AWESOMELY crazy weather! Spring has always been my favorite season, but never have I experienced the lion side of spring/summer until I moved here!  There are thunderstorms, tornadoes, torrential rains, and mighty winds.  I wouldn't be surprised if frogs started falling from the sky tomorrow!  I had to drive home the day this photo was taken and I could barely see out my windshield.  There were people pulled over underneath overpasses waiting it out on the freeway.  Yes, it can be scary, but the thrill of this season outweighs that for me.  Of course, I haven't had my house flood like the people of Waterloo Nebraska this season, and I also haven't had a tree fall through the middle of our house like the people next door to us at our rental house (knock on wood).

 Our poor neighbor surveying the initial damage of the 06-27-08 storm.  Sadly, I was driving during this one as well.  Well actually, I was stopped in the street with hazard lights on, screaming a little. 

This weekend had thunderstorms off and on, and I was completely content reading a book on the couch with the windows open, listening to the goings on outside.  Safely inside, the spring/early summer weather here is enchanting and awe inspiring.  No matter where I am, I'll always yearn for Nebraska spring!   


  1. Rebecca, I love this crazy weather, too. It is certainly unpredictable.

  2. I actually always wonder during extreme weather now if you're driving home from Elkhorn. Seems like a lot of the time you are!

  3. lived it, lost my 1 week old for the minivan (but it was hot red so it was actually quite cool!)when a tree fell on top of it.
    Enjoyed the pictures, enjoyed your blog, I will be back!

  4. The thrill of it does out weight the fear of it. I love storms here!