Sunday, June 27, 2010

A bag of goodies

What productive Sunday DOESN'T begin with a trip to the home improvement store?
Jason fixed the light in our closet! This may not seem like a reason to celebrate, but believe me it is.  You can't imagine my frustration in the morning when I'm rummaging through tubs of tops like a blind man, trying to remember what a certain top FEELS like.  I have a hard enough time deciding what to wear; I really don't need the added crisis of locating said perfect outfit once it is decided upon. 
Here is the proof!  All Jason had to do is replace the fixture.  Let there be light [in my closet]!
We also bought and installed wood blinds for our kitchen!  Now our kitchen windows are no longer naked.  Their nakedness didn't really bother us except for one very specific time of day when it was brutally brought to our attention:
  Dinner time!  That corner faces directly west, which is wonderful for viewing sunsets, but not so wonderful for having a comfortable evening meal.  Now we will no longer have to suffer through blinding light and burning heat while enjoying Jason's concoctions. 
I have to say though, this box is a blatant liar!  Unless if by minutes it means 90 minutes. 
Here is Jason serenely and patiently fiddling with the cords. 
This new blind should offer the evening's dish washer some visual respite from our neighbor's Tai Chi practice.  Or whatever he calls it. 


  1. Laughing at the pic of Jason fiddling with the cord! I love it when husbands patiently indulge our need to be creative, ie. allow us to exploit them for a cheap chuckle! I love your blog Rebecca, I'm looking forward to more. I'm going to mention your blog in mine today, so come check it out. It's not like I have tons of followers, but maybe a few will come by your place and see Jason fiddling with the cords! Take care! Sandra

  2. Those boxes ALWAYS lie! Eric said putting together the entertainment center downstairs would take "maybe half an hour," and over an hour later he was spitting curses while I was scrutinizing the directions (which were in French). I'm sure that's not a surprising picture. :)

    The blinds look great! Nice soft light in the kitchen now.

  3. Dearest Rebecca, Please come to my backyard. WE will kick back with diet Pepsi (I'm too much of a cheap and obnoxious drunk to indulge in alcoholic beverages) and we'll eat popsicles, and break out the nachos! And we'll let the creatures watch us from the kitchen window!