Monday, July 5, 2010

Our amazing green thumbs

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but look what we grew!  
I remember when it was only a wee baby tomato plant, just barely passed my ankle and freshly planted from a Lowe's plastic container, and just look at her now!  Look at the splendor she has achieved!  I'd like to say that I was a guiding part in her adolescent growth, but I cannot lie:  tomatoes LOVE Nebraska!  Jason did more than I did because he watered it and weeded around it, but we know very little about gardening and still managed to pull this off! Lots of Nebraskans have told me they have had great success with tomatoes here, and now we're some of them! 
Another garden highlight is this zucchini plant.  It has pretty much taken over the two tomato plants flanking it, but as previously seen, we're covered on the tomato front.  I remember my dad growing zucchini in the garden growing up, and it usually did so well that we could have zucchini for dinner every night.  And we did.  By the end of the summer I felt like throwing up just LOOKING at a zucchini, and those memories made me think twice about planting one here.  But being as this is our very first garden experience, and knowing that the zucchini is a great plant for stroking the gardening ego, we went for it.  I have no regrets, but then again we are still pre-zucchini harvest, so stay tuned on that one.
 Jason checks out the tomatoes already growing on one of the other plants.  I think this one is doing pretty well, but it is a mere shadow of the height and breadth established by tomato plant numero uno.  Jason is not on the phone by the way.  He just purchased a bluetooth headset to go with his new cell phone, and I don't think it has left his ear since.  So people, please call my husband so he can play with his new toy!
The other things we are growing in our garden are peppers, seen above, and a couple basil plants.  They are growing modestly well, but nothing as blog catching as the tomatoes.  The only sad thing is that on Wednesday, we are leaving for a 3 week vacation.  Will all our hard work be rotting on the ground or drowning in viney weeds?  We're crossing our fingers that we will get to partake in home grown goodness when we return.  Jason has set up this automatic drip hose so they certainly won't die of thirst. 
Another garden surprise are these lovely things.  They are several feet tall and growing all over the place.  I've never seen anything like them before!  They are in several different shades of pink.  We know the previous owner LOVED pink.  Just check out blog posting 1 if you have forgotten.  I'm definitely digging it here in the yard, and not on my walls.  
Neat looking beetles apparently like pink too!  
We also have some of these
some of these
and some of these (but probably less of these than we did before because I think I might have pulled some before they flowered, thinking they were weeds.  oops!).  We have these in purple and white. 
It took me all Sunday and part of Monday, but I finally finished these dining room curtains!  I really should have been packing or cleaning or something, but I have had the pieces cut out and neatly folded in the closet for weeks, and I decided now was the time to finish them, probably to avoid packing and cleaning.  Tada!  Unfortunately, my bags didn't pack themselves while I was making them, so I'd better go get started on that.  Check back in for blogging from the road! 


  1. All so lovely! I'm impressed. I grew tomatoes one year on my parent's deck in a planter. They were pretty amazing! So excited for the next post!

  2. Your garden looks fabulous! We'll drive by and have a peek at it a few times while you're gone to make sure the drip is doing its job. And if it isn't, we will compensate.

    Nice macro on the camera, btw. Curtains look good too!