Sunday, July 11, 2010

Going Out for Dinner Coastal Style

I forgot my card reader at home!  And of course, my lovely Canon Digital Rebel uses Compact Flash cards, and my parents don't have a computer that can read those.   So, my wonderful trip photos from the drive out will have to wait, because I am definitely not buying a $25 card reader for my blogging convenience.  HOWEVER, I did take some pictures today with our little Sony Cyber-Shot that I think you will like!    
My Dad took us clamming this morning!  Actually, my Dad's neighbor took us all clamming in his fancy boat.  Apparently, my parents are making friends in their new neighborhood, and this guy was very gracious to take us out to the prime clamming spots, only reachable by boat.  We got to pass by all the suckers clamming right on the shore, which was nice, and he also showed us the proper techniques.  This is a picture of Jason's first catch, which he actually threw back because it is a cockle.  I didn't know this until today, but there lots of different types of clams that live on the Oregon coast, and cockles live just under the surface of the sand and are really easy to find.  So of course we didn't want to catch those; those are too easy!  No, my Dad wanted quahog clams, which are supposed to be more tender. 
Here is Jason and my dad enjoying the boat ride over to the clamming spot.  The guy in the back is Peter, the neighbor.  He has to steer from the aft because the rudder has some seaweed in it or something.
Here is the sweet boat!  Two other seasoned clammer friends of Pete's came with us. 
The first step to clamming is finding the spot to dig.  You look for breathing holes in the sand, and different kinds of clams have different shaped breathing holes.  This picture is of a quahog breathing hole, which is shaped like an eight.  Pretty obvious, right?  I put my foot in the picture for a size reference.  Yes, I was wearing flip flops.  Everyone else was wearing waders and boots and things, but those of you who know me know that that isn't found in my typical attire.  This flip flops and the corresponding capri pants were purchased specifically for the occasion at Target.  
The next step is digging, obviously!  You have to dig along side the breathing hole, because otherwise you will either chop off the clam's neck, or you will smash the clam with the shovel.  I think I did both at first, but I think I found one here!  
We were all successful, catching our maximum of 20 clams.  Dad looks pretty dashing in his waders or whatever he calls them. 
The other guys were more picky with their clam choices because they wanted to find big ones.  Ed caught this magnificent specimen, and dad got to hold it.  We were are all quite impressed by its massive neck as I'm sure you are also.  
Then, Jason and dad spent an hour cleaning them all.  


  1. HOLY CROW, I've never seen such a gigantic clam! What an idyllic way to spend a day. :D

    Glad you guys are having such a good time! We're having an Indian food week and I'm making pickles tomorrow. Two of your orchid blossoms are withering for want of Rebecca time, but the third seems to like us well enough.

  2. Very cool, Rebecca. Looking forward to hearing all about your travels!