Sunday, July 18, 2010

Three Times a Charm

For the past three years, I have had the pleasure of watching my cousins get married at even annual intervals.  I was lucky enough to attend Tracy's wedding to Tom last night!  Today's blog posting is brought to you in honor of my lovely sister Sam who was sadly unable to attend and who is in need of immediate picture details.  Here you go! 
Tracy was a gorgeous bride as you can see!  Here she comes!  
 And the all too important shot of the dress from behind!  I think the groom is in the background there, though his outfit is not nearly as exciting. 
This is all I have of the bridesmaids, sorry!  My camera bag didn't match my dress, so again I only brought my little Sony.  I think it did pretty well for low light and no flash, but the professionals will be tons better.  When asking a girl about the color of the dresses, they were described as moss or sea green, but when asking a guy they were just green, so take your pick there. 
This was my favorite detail! 

She was by far the most excited bride I've ever seen, which really made the ceremony fun to watch.  During the vows it seemed like she was going to burst because every line was followed by a giddy wide eyed grin, and maybe she was because after she and Tom made it down the aisle to the back room, we heard a distinct rebel yell of excitement!
Uncle Buzz is becoming quite the expert of cutting a rug on the dance floor.  He even took a turn with me! 

Congrats you two and much love! 


  1. Thanks for the quick turning around!! What a pretty dress! Looks like it was a lovely ceremony.

  2. Gorgeous dresses and colors!