Monday, September 14, 2015

September Update

Jason graciously let me stay home from preschool drop off and grocery shopping this morning so that I can stay off my swollen ankles.  I did a sectional yesterday in which I stood the whole time, and I also took the girls to the park so I think I overdid it.

Sitting here in a quiet house when I am prohibited from cleaning (!) means that I guess I must blog.  I went through my phone and gathered recent photos that I haven't posted anywhere yet.

Grace's recent obsession is cutting paper.  Here she is hugging a pad of paper that I replaced for her recently.  It has neon colors with crazy designs, and she loves cutting out all kinds of shapes.  Sometimes she glues them down on things, but mostly I have a sea of scraps of paper to sweep up every night.  She is really good at using scissors and is pretty careful with them.

Clara's current favorite thing is playing in the sink.  She loves to take her "little brushie" and wash the measuring cups.  So cute, and entertaining for quite some time!  Also, this tutu skirt was a Target splurge.  My last baby isn't really a baby anymore, but she will still let me dress her in cute things!  Grace on the other hand takes great pride in dressing herself these days.

Such style, check out the toes.

Clara loves the sandbox, just as Grace did when she was 2, and she likes to "make pancakes."

The girls wanted to go to a different park yesterday from the ones we frequent.  I remembered that there was one 10 blocks away that was a little shabby but we thought we would give it a try.  It had been a couple years since our last time there.

But it wasn't shabby, it had a brand new play structure!  It was also very bright that day.

Grace is teaching Clara how to spread dandelion seeds.

I love how Clara uses a trombone embouchure to blow.

I'm never a fan of this in our yard, but I remember having so much fun blowing these when I was a kid.  I think we had a lot of dandelions, haha!  Sorry Mom ;)


  1. Great pictures! Fun summer times. (I hope your ankles get better soon!)