Saturday, September 19, 2015

Grace Takes More Swim Lessons

Grace is back at swim lessons!

Here she is, waiting patiently.  I'm going to preface this post by noting that the swim coaches specifically told us parents to stay on the opposite end of the pool so as not to distract the kids in their lesson.  My long distance phone photography is not that great!

Today she was a bit reluctant at first because she dunked her head underwater last week and she got scared.  She was even telling me she didn't want to come today. 

A timid jump to be sure, but I love how the teacher encouraged her afterward!

She warmed up quickly and it ended in success!  She was so proud of herself, blowing bubbles, floating on her back and kicking her legs.  She told me "I put my head underwater and I didn't even cry this time!"

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