Thursday, September 10, 2015

Running Interrupted

I was doing really great!  I made it about 5 weeks of running almost every day.  I was doing about 3.5 miles in about 35 minutes, but that wasn't enough for me.  You probably know this, but I am a committed person.  When I decide I'm going to do something, I want to throw myself in full force.  I thought I was doing fine, but why not up it to 4 miles?  It was a nice round number, and also it got me all the way to the interstate overpass which seemed like a good half way point.  There really was no reason to push myself other than to burn more calories and to have some more bragging rights.

That is how I ended up with massively swollen ankle.  I made it 4 miles but it hurt a bit the next day.  Again I said "screw it, it'll loosen up once I get going," and I went out AGAIN the next day.  I made it about 12 minutes and then I couldn't run another step.  I hobbled home in shame.  Basically, I'm an idiot.  After talking with actual runners, it probably isn't a good idea to go it every day, and it definitely isn't a good idea to increase distance dramatically.  Who knew this was such a science?  I thought it was just hit the pavement as hard as you can, drop pounds faster.  Also, I am again reminded that I'm older.  I used to run in college about the time I was on the crew team.  I used to run from my apartment down to the waterfront in Portland and then run back.  It never occurred to me that my body couldn't handle it but that is what ten years can do, I guess.

Here I am, modeling my new friend, the ace bandage.  It has been one week and it is still a bit swollen and has a dull ache.  I haven't been to the doctor because doctor bills are one of my least favorite ways to spend my money.  I self diagnosed on webMD and I think I have Achilles tendonitis.  Eric was a runner in high school and told me he had it, so he suggested the bandage.  It does help take a bit of pressure off but I kind of expected it to feel better a bit quicker.  Online it did say it could take up to 6 weeks, ugh.  PLEASE say it doesn't take that long!  I really want to get back into this.  I absolutely hate that I mentally committed to this and now I can't do it.  I promise that if this heals, I will go every OTHER day and I'll not try to kill myself with distance.  I was actually in a strange way enjoying it, and I'm missing it right now.  I love having routine and goals in my life.

So what do you say, Dr. Moms and Dads out there?  Should I see the doctor about this?  It could cost a pretty penny, especially if there is an x-ray involved, and I'd rather buy more Anthropologie skirts (like the new one I'm modeling above)!

This all happened on the day I got to meet trumpet legend Doc Severinsen.  Did I hike through campus that day in high heels?  You betcha!


  1. Poor baby! So sorry to hear about this! Guess we can be injured together :(

  2. What an honor to meet Doc Severinsen! Very cool :)
    I hope your ankle heals up quickly. Not cool :(

  3. I hope your ankle feels better soon.