Thursday, September 24, 2015

Grace Conquers Park

We've been frequenting some different parks lately.

This park is over by the preschool and is a bit across town from our house, but it has it's merits.

It has a lake as people call it, but I'm not sure it qualifies.  Nevertheless, it is a lovely bit of water with lots of ducks and geese hanging around.

I see people feeding them sometimes and we never do that, but because they are used to people they come right up to you.  The girls enjoy watching them swim around but Grace gets a little nervous when they get too close.  She's a pragmatic girl!

We walked all the way around the lake on Sunday, and that was the longest time I've been on my feet in a weeks.  They don't hurt anymore but I'm nervous about running again.  Clara was in awe of the light reflecting off the lake.  She said "I like it!"

This park has a water pad which is tons of fun in the summer months, but it is winterized right now.  I have to say though, I'm not a fan of the play structure at this park.  I think it is designed for older kids or different kids than mine, haha!  Clara seems to wander aimlessly because she is too little for most of it, and Grace is too cautious to try many of the climbing things.  I'm sure it will be better when they are a little older, but the other problem is that there is very little visibility.  The structure is long with lots of ramps and climbing things, and there are so many poles and things that it is pretty impossible to keep track of one kid, let alone two!  Most of the time I spend running around trying to locate one or the other.  It also has two pretty great slides that are only accessible by climbing.  Grace can climb, but she is also a chicken.  Last Sunday she climbed all the way up to the penultimate rung and then hung there in terror until I carried her down.  As soon as I got Clara back on the swings, Grace was up there again, calling for help.  The other parents looked on sympathetically.  One grandpa called encouraging tips to her, and one dad who looked like a firefighter or something stood nervously underneath her, assuring me he would catch her if needed.  After the 3rd rescue, I told her she should just go play on something else.  No, defeat is not an option.  She finally made it to the top, shouting for the whole park to hear, "I did it Mommy, I did it!"  All the parents couldn't help smiling at that!


  1. Hooray, Grace! Persistence pays off (even if it does exhaust Mommy in the process)!

  2. Nice to have so many parks to choose from!