Saturday, September 12, 2009

We're homeowners! Day 1

Hello all, we closed on our 1950's house on Friday, September 11th, 2009.  Our first meal there was champagne and pizza with the Magnusons that night in celebration.  Today, we got down to business. 

It was too dark after work today to take a picture of the outside, but here is a picture of the living room/dining room.  You can't really appreciate it from this picture, but the carpet is a lovely pinkish grey hue.  

We considered keeping the mirror above the fireplace.  It's really classy, don't you think? 

Okay maybe not.  Eric provides a much appreciated hand.  And he knows our new neighbor from high school!  But that just confirms Jason's theory that Eric knows EVERYONE.  

Nice work, boys!  

Not bad for a first day of demo, don't you think?  Tomorrow, the kitchen!  


  1. Very nice! I hear the mirror had been in there so long, the house actually settled onto it? Schnikeys! The floor looks good with no carpet on it--it's gonna be gorgeous with hardwood!

  2. Very cool. Looks like a lot of work - but it's going!