Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 4

Jason did pretty well while I was at work.  He destroyed one of the soffits above the wall we are tearing out.
He also had a professional come over and take a look at the wall.  It is load bearing, which means we need a header put in.  That is ONE thing we thought better left to someone who actually knows what they are doing.  Otherwise, we'd have a saggy house if we tried to do it ourselves.  (most likely)  Jason said the guy commented on how "clean" our job site is. 

And this one's for Shane:  a sweaty dirty picture of me involved, proof that I am really doing something and not just saying I am!  (I'm even wearing my Tualatin High School Senior t-shirt.)  I tore out that wall to the left single handedly after work today.  (I just peeled a piece of drywall stuck to my forehead as I type this!)  And yes Maria, we're trying to avoid breathing in deadly 1950's dust particles, which Jason so artfully captured looming in the background of this picture.  

We're still excited and having a good time!  Though Jason did hit his thumb with a hammer.  Twice.  

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