Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 7

It's day seven, and there's no resting for us! 

Jason finished ripping out the flooring!  Now we're waiting for the professional type to come and put in our header.  In due fashion, he now says he won't be able to make it until Tuesday.  Argh!

In the meantime, there is still PLENTY of stuff to do.  We started to clean up the drywall so that it will be ready after the header is finished.  First, Jason had to remove a large wood beam to which the soffits were attached.  He assured me it wasn't structural.  Then we trimmed the edges of the drywall.  I think you can actually see drywall flying in midair in this picture.  It was difficult to do this because our house has drywall with metal netting mixed in.  We had to beat out the drywall with a hammer and then cut the metal with the sawsall.  Good thing it saws all!  (Just laugh anyway.) 
We finished the top part of this project, but obviously, we have the bottom edge left to do.   Tomorrow, we won't be doing a lick of work here!  Don't worry, we have a good reason. 

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