Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 2

Hello All!  We just completed day 2 and we're EXHAUSTED!!!! 
Here is the exterior, obviously.  I hated the yellow when I first saw it, but it's kind of growing on me now.  We have plans for the porch also, but that will be down the road a bit.  
My boss and mentor Mike came over this morning to check our handy work and to show us what to do next. 
See, naive little me thought we were learning how to put the hardwoods in today.  But no, Mike points out that there is subflooring UNDER the plywood, and we have to rip that up also!  

Mike was smart and purposely wore his dress clothes so he wouldn't get roped into doing anything.  

The hardwoods were in the garage, but we moved them all into a bedroom so they could get acclimated.  Here we are taking a break on the only place to sit.  I was tired after this!  
So this is what we did ALL DAY.  We managed to pry up the plywood with crow bars and hammers.  Each board had at least 20 nails in it.  

Jason even found a reason to use his new sawsall!  Doesn't he look powerful :)


  1. "OMG! Eric, the Stroms had to spend all day ripping up plywood because there was subflooring hiding beneath it!"

    "WHOA. (that's Eric's Jason imitation) That sucks."

  2. So awesome. Tell me when you need a hand! I am glad to help.