Monday, November 17, 2014

Grammy and Grandudes and Mahler 2

Grammy and Grandudes came to visit!

They timed their trip so they could be here while Jason and I played Mahler 2.  Not only did they enjoy hearing the piece, but they helped babysit during all the rehearsals!  

This is unfortunately the only picture with Grammy in it.  Both of them were stricken with a nasty illness shortly after they arrived.  They were troopers and worked through it, but we tried to keep things as low key as possible.

The weather was amazing.  Grandudes is wearing a t-shirt outside!  (and a fantastic t-shirt too, I might add).  They both took the girls on daily walks and trips to the park, which they adored.

The girls loved the constant attention.  I loved getting a shower before noon and coming home to a clean kitchen!  They really helped us out a ton.

  They were here for nine days, but the time flew by so fast!


  1. Thanks for a wonderful trip. Love you all.....

  2. Sounds like it was a wonderful visit for all! (..except for the sickness part :-P )

  3. That last picture is so sweet! Very sorry we missed them.