Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Family Style

Happy Halloween!  We really geeked it up this year and did family themed costumes.

Just in case you need help here:  Jason is a jellyfish, Grace is an octopus, Clara is a lobster, and I am a squid.

I made them hold hands.

Showing off the legs.

An adorable lobster.

Grace and Avery at school.

Jason's costume glowed with a string of Christmas lights and glow stick necklaces.  Neighbor Ada held his hand most of the time.  He was pretty much the coolest with the toddler crowd.

And then this happened!  Avery convinced her parents to be a super hero family!  It was a great Halloween!


  1. Super cute costumes! Miss you guys!

  2. Oh wow!! Coolest costumes ever! I'd say you guys nailed Halloween this year!