Monday, November 10, 2014

First Haircut!

Grace received her first haircut today!

This is her before picture in the lobby of the hair salon.  You see, she needed a hair cut because she has an uncontrollable habit of twirling her hair.  She twirls all day long, and especially in bed.  She will get up in the morning with a huge rat's nest of knots that we have to carefully rip out, one by one.  It is safe to say that no one enjoys that process!  She was also starting to get some patchy bald spots on the sides of her head.  Something had to be done!

It made me sad to cut off her beautiful girlish length, but I think it will make her happier and more comfortable.

See?!  Happier already.

We hope that when it grows out again, she will be rid of her twirling habit.  At least it still has some curls... (sniff)


  1. Really cute!! I think everyone will be happy now.

  2. Super cute! Very suited to her go go go lifestyle, too. :)