Saturday, December 6, 2014

18 Months Old!

Clara turned 18 months old three days ago!

She is really learning how to play with Grace, and Grace loves having a playmate!  Grace likes to tell her what to do and she happily obliges, toddling after her from one room to another.  I often hear them chattering about this or that in the mornings before we get up, and Grace often wants to wake her up from her naps so she can have her playmate back.

I also haven't posted about Thanksgiving.  We had a lovely weekend with no work and lots of trips to the park.  We made tons of food and it was a bit hectic.  The girls liked helping some, but craved our attention after too long.  We got it done eventually!

I usually take a group picture right before we eat, but it was too crazy to manage that.  We had our neighbors over, which was fun, and the girls were all hungry!!

We put up the tree and the Christmas decorations and the girls love that.  I dressed them up and tried to get them to pose for a holiday picture.  Snort* that did NOT work.  I have a bunch of pictures of them running around with glee instead.

Grace totally gets it when it comes to the holidays this year.  Clara loves reading the Christmas books and demands Frosty the snowman a million times a day by saying "Thump a thump thump!"  She also loves to yell out "nose!" and point to every picture of Santa Claus.  

I've been really sick this week, so I'm hoping I'll be actually able to get up and do some fun things with them soon!


  1. Those smiling faces will make you feel better soon!!

  2. What cute li'l sweeties! And how wonderful that they are such good friends! Sorry to hear you're sick....get better soon!

  3. Feel better! We are really enjoying all of Ethan's exclamations of Christmas glee, too! Hope to share some with you very soon.