Sunday, July 29, 2012

Who put ME in charge??!!

I wasn't going to mention this earlier, just in case any of you are crazy internet stalkers, but I've been a single parent this weekend since Jason is out of town.  I've been the only responsible person in the house, responsible for a baby AND a kitty.  Sometimes it hits me, the weight of the responsibility.  Am I really the only one remotely capable of being in charge right now?  There are no back up people in case I shirk my duties just a little?  No one is going to come in and say "don't let the baby eat paper!"  Nope, I have to be vigilant 24/7 for 3 whole days and make sure she is still in one piece when Jason returns.  It makes me wonder if my parents ever felt this way.  I'm guessing so!  They became parents even younger than we did.  Being that I am 30 now, I think if I'm not responsible enough now, I never will be.  And I know I'm totally up for this job, it is the coolest job I will ever have, and I am the very best person to do it for baby Grace. It is just that sometimes I still think of myself as a kid, but now I have a kid!  Life is a crazy ride sometimes. 

The mornings in particular are pretty hilarious.  Grace gets up and immediately makes panicky milk signs until I nurse her.  Then she immediately begins making milk signs again because she is now hungry for breakfast and I think the sign for milk is now her general sign for hunger.  At this point, Tosca has figured out that we are awake and is meowing repeatedly at my feet for canned food.  (We only started feeding her canned food recently because the vet said she lost a pound this year.  Hmm, Grace is one year old, could the endless cat chasing be stressful for poor Tosca?  But I digress.)  So everyone wants something.  NOW!  Including mom who wants her coffee.  We miss Jason during this time especially because he is the official meal preparer in the family.  This doesn't mean that I can't do it, it just that it is a household task for which he seems more suited.  Anyway, I was very glad when this nalgene bottle fell out of the cupboard one morning because Grace was deeply entertained by it for the duration of the breakfast preparation!

We've had fun, just us girls, but we'll all be glad to see Jason today!  Our family unit isn't complete without him and we've missed him terribly!

PS I uploaded a video to the baby swim posting that I forgot earlier, just in case you're interested.  


  1. Of course we felt that way too!! It is daunting to have complete responsibility for another little person. You are doing a great job, honey!

  2. I love this post. I absolutely know what you mean in saying you sometimes still feel like a kid yourself. This is indeed the coolest job you'll ever haven and I'm so glad for Grace that you get to be with her indefinitely during the day!