Monday, July 2, 2012

B&C Wedding

We traveled to Utah and saw my cousin Caitlin get married!

Her new husband Branden seems wonderful and they are definitely in love.  His two little sisters looked adorable in these matching dresses, and my cousin Jory looks dashing in his grey suit vest.

The Mormon Temple in St. George, Utah.  We waited for the bride and groom outside the temple for them to exit after the ceremony.  It was 105 degrees!

They had a lovely outdoor luncheon in St. George and this water bottle made a good baby toy.  Grace was a trooper in the heat but we did duck out a little early so we could all cool off.

The reception was adorable in so many ways.  They had an ice cream truck serving ice cream sandwiches. 

I liked how the cake was displayed on a painted yellow dresser.

The children at the reception paraded around with signs announcing the next activity.  They seemed to enjoy their job!

My Uncle Topher bemoaned his fancy attire but really looked sharp regardless.  The father daughter dance was a sweet moment.

Our grandparents won the marriage longevity dance contest:  64 years on August 1st!  When asked by the DJ for some marriage advice, Grandpa said "marry a Tillamook farm girl.  Or a direct descendant."

What wedding reception is complete without La Macarena?

They exited to a gauntlet of sparklers and drove off in a Volkswagon Thing.  Everything turned out so beautifully and we wish them the very best that life has to offer!  Love you guys!


  1. Looks like a lovely time! Caitlin looked so pretty, and the temple's beautiful. Also, TILLAMOOK CHEEEEEESSSSEEEEEEE.

  2. Excellent summary of events! Cait was super glad you guys could make it!

  3. Thanks for sharing your great adventures in Utah....great photos, too! But we miss you in Nebraska....are you home soon???