Thursday, July 26, 2012


We went to the zoo yesterday because it was member appreciation day. They have special events there and I wanted to check it out, but mainly I wanted to get the free train tickets that are good until October 28th!  We watched the sharks get fed while crammed up against a bunch of other people who wanted to watch the sharks in the tube at the aquarium.  It was hot and loud but pretty neat, and Grace just sucked down a bottle of milk calmly while watching the sharks swarming like crazy.  

The gift shop was also 30% off so browsed a little.  I pulled this octopus off the shelf and before I could say "This is pretty neat!"  Grace had it in her hands, snuggling it up to her chin.  

The lady who rung it up had to lean across the counter to scan it because no one had the heart to take it from her!  She has excellent taste in stuffed animals because this one pretty much rocks, I think.

What do you think we should call him?  I can't think of anything good.  


  1. I deeply approve of this purchase. :D I think you should call him Paul.

  2. Seems like this octopus has become a snugglepus