Sunday, July 15, 2012

Some Remodeling Progress!

Jason worked really hard all day building a new mantle for our fireplace!  Yes, it can be done with a one year old under foot.

Just for reference, here is what it used to look like.

It was basically a board with a hole in it and a chair rail molding stapled flat against it.  The hole was there because there used to be a fluorescent light in there.  We broke the glass panel on the first day of demo - 3 years ago!

There were some bumps along the way as always with home remodeling, but I'm really pleased with the result so far, and Jason did an amazing job figuring out how to do it.  Next he will do a lot of sanding and apply a couple coats of white paint.  Jason of course is stressing about the imperfections, but hopefully it isn't anything that a little wood putty can't fix!

Jason cut a hole in the top board and installed a box and wiring for a plug.  It wasn't too hard for him to do since there had been a light there previously.

Grace looks on appreciatively.

She did a great job staying away from the power tools when we asked and in general, keeping out of trouble.  Well, as much as a one year old can do!  She has 6 teeth now and appears to be growing like a weed.  Still no first steps yet!

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  1. The mantle looks great! Can't wait to toast some silver fizzes fireside with you guys this winter!