Friday, June 3, 2011

Wounded Pride and Eardrums

I've been a bit reclusive lately from the internet.  You could call it busy, because I have been, but I've also been a bit depressed.  I rear ended someone, totaling our car and battering my emotions.  When Jason and I drive together now I stamp my foot on my imaginary break and gasp needlessly at oncoming traffic.  Jason is dealing with this pantomime while he drives in stride.  I'm getting over it, but I definitely drive like an old lady now.  But I guess that isn't a bad thing!  We are loathing the car shopping experience, but as soon as that is over I can put it all behind me.  My air bag burn is getting much better and my spirits are lifting a bit. 
 So, here I am, getting a bit huge!  I'm feeling baby Grace moving around a lot more, and Jason can feel it too.  He says he is ready for her to come out.  Hold on now!  Does this mean that labor is imminent??  Can't I just skip that part??  I have exactly 3 work appropriate shirts that I can stand to wear in this summer heat,  so it is either those or t-shirts, take it or leave it!  Oh, and my Mom gave me all three, yay Mom!  I hope they hand out those moms know best genes at the hospital, because I'm going to need it! 
 Thompson Music went to the International Trumpet Guild in Minneapolis last week, and it was a lot of fun!  Here is the picture from the ITG website of our booth.  I think it says, "Thompson Music.  We like pizza!"  I was trying to put my plate down because I saw the guy with the camera run in, but apparently I wasn't fast enough.  The camera guy really did not care one bit that I was saying "wait" in between a mouthful of pizza.  So hello trumpet lovers of the world, witness a pregnant lady and coworkers scarfing pizza surrounded by trumpets!  It is a magnificent sight to behold. 

This is a video montage that Mike made. You can get an idea of the trumpet craziness we endured. I'm not sure if Grace loves loud trumpet playing or hates it, but she definitely moved around a lot during that week.  She especially loved/hated the Mahler 6 Minnesota Orchestra concert we attended.  Momma loved it!! 
The only thing I have left to say is the peonies are finally blooming in our yard!  Also we have these purple things that look like giant asparagus when they first come up out of the ground.  I really need to figure out what they are called. 


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you and the baby are ok despite totally your car! I caught my breath there for a second even though I could see the pic of you and your glorious bump! Enjoy it! You'll miss it when Baby Grace makes her appearance, and she's crying every two hours for your boob (or bottle, whatever!) You do look beautiful! Can't wait for that little girl's arrival!

  2. Well thankfully you're okay. Something to be grateful for.