Monday, June 20, 2011

As Ready as We'll Ever Be!

The baby room is ready!  And by that I mean it has been cutified to my satisfaction, not that I actually have everything we'll need for a baby bought and set up.  I've tried to anticipate those needs, but I'm certain that I'll be sending Jason to the store frequently for things that I didn't even think about but now desperately need.  That I think will be part of the learning curve when she comes home. 
The last detail for the room was completing these little letters for above her crib.  I saw them on for $12.99 a letter, and my Mom convinced me I could make my own.  I think they turned out great!  They have little wooden birds and flowers glued on them. 
Jason set up the crib as a surprise for me!  I added a crib sheet and the blanket my Mom picked out for Grace to complete the look.  
I hung up the banner from the baby shower in here as well.  As you can see, I have enough diapers for a week maybe.  
Her dresser is appropriately decked out in knicknacks including a green piggy bank, a chenille bunny made by Kathleen, and her first collector Ty Bear.  All going with the pink and green color scheme, of course!  We also have 258 size 2 diapers from Costco that should get us through a month I'm guessing when she is big enough for that size. 
I have the essential boppy, which even my doctor told me to get, and some friends are letting us borrow their infant swing.  How great is that?!
Here is the stroller and carseat.  Grace, we're ready for ya!  But if it suits you okay, I wouldn't mind if you stayed in there a couple weeks longer ;)


  1. So Adorable! I'm telling you, I cannot wait to meet this baby! :)

  2. What a sweet-looking room. Lucky baby!


  3. I love how everything matches! Getting close now...whee!!

  4. Cutest baby room ever! And now I have an idea for a rug!