Monday, June 27, 2011

Our not so Green thumb this year

It has been a particularly mild and wet Nebraska summer so far.  I really shouldn't complain about this since it has been actually nice to be outside and I don't sweat to death at night.  Normally, Nebraska summers outdoors are incredibly hot and sticky, then when the sun goes down the bugs attack you until you give up and go back inside.  Especially for a pregnant lady, this summer has been awesome temperature wise!  There is one sad part of this weather, however. 
This is our garden last year on July 5th. 
This is our garden today.  Not quite as impressive, I know.  We didn't do anything differently either.  We planted at roughly the same time, and we ignored it the same amount.  
The only thing that doesn't seem to mind this wet and cool summer is this yellow squash plant.  We have already harvested two squash from it, and obviously we will have a few more very soon. The tomato plants do have some little green tomatoes starting to grow, so I know they will come in time, but I was so looking forward to caprese salad by now. 
That biggest tomato plant from last year was a yellow pear tomato plant, and I couldn't find anywhere selling starts for one this year.  I was bummed because I enjoyed those yellow pears so much last year.  Lucky for me, there are a ton of volunteer yellow pear tomato plants springing up everywhere in there!  In the picture, all of those tomato plants along the fence line are volunteer.  I don't really know how to handle it, if we need to get rid of some of them or just let them go to town, but I'm so happy that I'll get to have them again this year. 
At least the hollyhocks are looking gorgeous! 

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