Monday, May 2, 2011

Nesting and Domestic Endeavors

I finally wrestled Jason away from the computer for a moment so I can make a blog post!  He is really loving his new office space.  I figure he should enjoy his computer game time now while he still has some free time!  
 Since it has been such a long time since I posted a picture of my belly growth, I figured that today is about time.  Today I am 30 weeks pregnant and I'm still making due with 6 maternity shirts, one dress and 3 pairs of maternity pants.  I try to remember which day of the week I wore what so that my students don't see me in the same outfit every week.  Some of my non-maternity items can work if I don't mind stretching it out.  I also figured out that I can cheat by wearing a non-maternity button up blouse, buttoning the top button and then wearing a vest over it to hide the fact that it does not remotely close.  I must say though, I really miss my old clothes.  And my old body.  Pregnancy is okay, and sometimes it is even fun when I feel her moving or when I get out of doing things I would normally do, like cleaning the litter box.  But I hate getting the Anthropologie catalog these days because I just flip through it and sigh.  I no longer fit in or can enjoy these cute clothes.  I know, just tell me to get over it.  
So to assuage this body image pain, what better way than to bake a bunch of sinful items?  I am not purposefully trying to sabotage Jason's diet, but I definitely don't care about his diet either.  I'm coping here!  This here is apple cinnamon upside down cake.  It was very tasty and not too sweet.  Plus, I love the presentation aspect of it.  I think I may have to try all of Martha's upside down confections for that reason.  I used a spring form pan since I was worried the apples might stick to the bottom of the pan, and it did leak a little but not too badly.  I've also made a carrot cake that was just okay and chewy molasses squares which are very decadent and wonderful! 

Our friends Libby and Mark gifted us this nursery rocking chair.  It is really nice, but as you can see, the cushions definitely don't match my green and pink color scheme.  I made a slip cover for the cushions and I'm really pleased by how well it turned out!  I just traced the cushions on the fabric and guessed how much extra room I'd need on the edges for sewing.  It did take me a couple tries to get the sizing right since I measured generously, but I'm really impressed with myself!  Jason helped with the ottoman. (read:  Jason stapled the fabric on the ottoman while I watched approvingly.  Those heavy duty staples take a lot of arm strength!) 
The fabric is green stripes, which I don't think you can really discern in this picture. I also finished hemming the curtains.  The room is starting to come together! 
Today, we finally cleared all of the office items out of Grace's room!  I spent all morning and early afternoon cleaning and arranging. 
Here is the cute little dresser we found on craigslist, which is a perfect perch for the bird bath lamp.  I even set her up with her first useless knicknack!  It is a ceramic bird that I already had.  You might notice that there is something important missing.  We purchased a crib, but we just need to retrieve it from the Furniture Mart.  (Can we please borrow the TM van... again?)  Can you believe they sell 3,000 cribs a month?  That is what the sales guy told us.  Sheesh!!   I wonder if that is counting their Kansas City and Des Moines locations because that is a ton of cribs.  And we thought we were special!

So that is it for today; I'll try not to let it go so long before I post again! 


  1. You look great, Rebecca! Sooo exciting! And that dresser is adorable. Why don't I have luck like that on craigslist? The slipcovers look darling, too. Can't wait to see the nursery in person!

  2. You have such a skinny face! And great boobs, I'm sure Jason has complimented you as such. Wouldn't NFM deliver your crib? They've delivered everything we've ever bought there. Also, cute nursing chair!

  3. I recognize that baby blanket!

  4. You have the most beautiful nursery! And you look absolutely beautiful! I love that baby bump, you wear it so well! Am loving these posts. Going to see what i've missed in the past few weeks!